Dark Sun

The Long and Winding Road

“Ridiculous,” Zogg mumbles under his breath before bedding down for the night in the trading post’s barracks. “Who would have thought that a simple journey to a trading post would take so long, and be so troublesome?”

Though it was indeed an arduous journey, the party has finally arrived at the trading post which they had set out for several days ago at Tectuktitlay’s behest. The final day of the journey was no easier than previous days – between an ambush of lizard men and a somewhat angry silk wyrm, Athas was clearly not giving the adventurers any breaks.

The day was not without its positive points, however. Ajax, a well travelled mercenary battlemind, has joined the party’s ranks, at least for the time being. Is he simply looking for riches and adventure, as mercenaries are wont to do, or does he have ulterior motives? Only time will tell.

Perhaps the next most notable event of the day was the finding of a memo destined for Draj Area Trading Post #4’s constable in a stolen leather satchel carried by the lizard men. It bore the seal of House Tsalaxa, and read as follows:

To Constable Ogrim Hatchetborn of Draj Area Trading Post #4:
It has been brought to our attention that Tectuktitlay is less than pleased with our dealings with other sorcerer kings, and has sent a party of adventurers to disrupt our operations in the area. We all know that this would be extremely detrimental, not only to our organization, but to the people of Draj. This party needs to be stopped. Your resources to stop them will likely be stretched somewhat thin with the recent outbreak of silk wyrms in the area. If you can find some way to stop or otherwise dissuade this group from accomplishing their mission, that would be ideal. As you know, as of late Tectuktitlay’s tyranny has become almost unbearable. Agents of his recently ambushed a friendly caravan of Muls and Dwarves that was headed to Draj. They captured 2 Muls and a dwarf and have them held captive in the royal dungeon. This threatens our relations with other Merchant houses, and indeed threatens the very existence of the people of Draj.

Offer them a considerable reward for helping us – additionally, one of their numbers has crossed us in the past, but let them know we are willing to overlook this minor transgression if they can make themselves useful. They are currently in Tectuktitlay’s favor but if they fall out of that somehow (you and I both know how likely this is, given the King’s current…mood), this could make it easier.

This leaves the party with several options for their next move. For now, the adventurers rest in the comfort of the Trading Post barracks, and prepare for whatever adventure the next day might bring.



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